(pic from STREETFSN)

Nowadays no one can live without their cell phone. And when it comes to fashion, 
the iPhone and its accessories are the new statement. 
Whether they are covers or telephones, to protect or just to differentiate themselves, they are always present in the hand of all of us.

(pic from STREETFSN)
(pic from JAK AND JIL)

(pic from STREETFSN)

The bunny case of Caroline.

A Gameboy and a Pantone case on São Paulo FW (pics from Vogue Brasil).

Gala Gonzalez Iphone case.

wobbly skull head and a case from #society6 on Aimee Song's Iphone.

My collection of cases.
Gala Gonzalez capture Eleonora Carisi.

Just pick which one you want and go buy it. Personally, like most women, I'm keeping an eye on the Bunny case! 

(pic from JAK AND JIL)

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