The other day I was passing through P3 (for those unfamiliar P3 is a site of strong multimedia component media information and a collaborative spirit produced by and for young people) and I ran into a work of Urban Art entitled "Tape Art ". 

This form of urban art spread through the streets of major Slovenian cities, thanks to the collective art Multipraktik, which used rolls and rolls of tape in neon colors to "paint" the murals of the cities.

The Slovenian Multipraktik is a collective that seeks to bring together artists from various areas, such as design, music, video and illustrations, (I really recommend that you pass by their website) to participate in various projects, in which they experience working in different spaces and unusual materials. Within the group there is Orto, which is the one that dedicate to create murals with tape.

Aside from the paint and "sprays", the use of tape for this group began with an ad campaign for a brand of mobile phones, in Slovenia. But the campaign ended and these walls filled with colorful duct tape continued to multiply.

To continue the "tape art", the Orto joined about ten farmers as urban artists, illustrators, and also painters, who knew only the space and the design of intervention that would have created, having the freedom and all rolls of tape needed to work the project to your liking.
The walls consist of large well-defined geometric shapes and vibrant colors.
Gaining more and more creators, the "tape art" comes now to other parts of the world.

I confess that I was instantly in love with it and I'm thinking of experimenting. I just have to find a place with the neon adhesive tape and get to work!
Hope you enjoyed it much as I.

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